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Scott & Phil Trappett have a combined 56 years experience in the engine machining and building industry. SP Automotive can take care of your repairs, full builds or just general component machining for trade and DIY customers. We are happy to take a look at your job and give a competitive estimate on cost and time frame to complete the work. We are able to take care of your engine related needs! Take a look at our services page to gain an idea of all the machining work that we can do and it all happens under one roof!

The Team

The owner of SP Automotive Engineering Scott Trappett is a hard working machinist who maintains the highest levels of quality control when undertaking all work. Scott is the crank grinding specialist, catering for crankshafts for all applications including large cummins cranks. Together with a high level of workmanship also comes the customer service of happily attempting to repair the worst of damages on your engines major components. When other shops will tell you to throw it all away and start again, we understand the financial and emotional investment you have in your pride and joy and therefore are more than happy to do our best to resurrect your components. SP Automotive Engineering has extensive experience for upgrading to 4 bolt mains, block clearancing and many other performance alterations to meet your needs. We can also offer advice on the best way to go about building an engine regarding brands and parts combinations. We are able to supply all the required parts for your build as required or happily offer you the task of hunting around online for your parts. Scott & the team understand the importance of good customer service and work diligently to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Phil comes from a background of ski boat racing where power and reliability are a priority. He is known as the big block specialist and for good reason. Phil provides quality big block engines to drag and burn out car enthusiasts as well as adrenalin pumping jetboats that give the engines a real hiding with many hours of use. 350 to 383 engine stroking and other performance upgrades are regularly completed for customers seeking that extra power with quality workmanship. New builds and freshens are regularly flowing out the door for enthusiasts who are restoring that special project or upgrading their pride and joy. Phil also handles the dyno tuning of your engine so that it is ready to just drop in and gas it up!

Brodie Tulloch from B&D Racing provides the customer service to our speedway and Sprintcar customers. B&D Racing is a 410 sprintcar team which competes all over Australia. He has worked on and raced Sprintcars in America as well as having Americans come out to race for his team with great success. Growing up around a family run race team with his father Ross who was a talented engine builder himself, Brodie has gained invaluable knowledge when it comes to catering for customers who are looking to meet a budget for their rebuild. He has the contacts and know how for finding you the best deals on parts as well as advice on what direction to take with your engine needs. He is also available to provide race night tuning and support to keep you on the track! With an extraordinary passion for sprintcar racing and the maintenance of an extremely high level of customer satisfaction, Brodie is ready to meet your Sprintcar racing needs!

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